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Involvement in Phytotherapy

We strongly believe in the healing power of plants and we are convinced that phytotherapy must be practiced on scientifically rigorous bases by specialists. Therefore, we have played an active role in the foundation of „Romanian Association of Phytotherapist Physicians” in 2009, and in supporting its activities.

The association aims to promote herbal medicine status in the context of medical practice in Romania, and supports scientific discoveries for therapeutic use of herbal medicinal products. To achieve these objectives, RAPP carries out studies on the effectiveness of herbal products and organizes symposia, conferences and congresses to raise awareness of the plants properties on health.

Each project is a step forward in communicating the benefits of medicinal plants, in understanding their gentle but effective effect. RAPP most important projects are:

Medical Congresses:

The Congress of phytotherapist physicians in Romania already has six editions and annually brings together between 100 and 200 physicians that are open to phytotherapy. In addition, each year the interest of different specialties physicians (Gastroenterology, Pediatrics, Infectious Diseases, Gynecology, Dermatology, Urology, and ENT) is emerging more and more clearly, seeking to obtain information about treatment with herbal products. 

Benefiting from aggregate information in medical congresses, and conducted studies, at Fares we succeeded in creating products with proven benefit in several diseases:

–       Liver pathology or hepatic steatosis: Rumex carbo and Healthy liver

–       Treating viral and bacterial infections: Biomicin Forte

–       Non-purulent acute otitis in children: Biomicin

–       Urinary infections, urinary microlithiasis: Biomicin Forte, Diurosept, Renalex

–       Acute respiratory tract infections in infants and young children: Bebe Biosept syrup, Fitofebril

–       Baby Colic: Baby calm solution

–       Treatment of prostate benign hypertrophy: Prostate G80


Spring school has been organized for six years in the first half of May at Orastie, and it brings together physicians who use herbal medicine in their current cabinet practice. The topics refers to herbal treatment in various diseases and the event includes field visits for the study of medicinal plants.

Phytotherapy workshops bring together different specialties physicians (Family Medicine, Pulmonology, Urology, Internal Medicine and so on) who have expertise in phytotherapy. They exhibit experience, make case presentations, managing an overview of what’s new in the field.

Roundtables are regularly held in cities like Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara, Constanta, Sibiu and Brasov, being attended by physicians who support phytoproducts and who wish to learn more about therapeutic combinations in various diseases.

Studies and reviews: since we wish to promote science-based phytotherapy, we support the involvement of physicians of various specialties, from Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Gastroenterology, Infectious Diseases, Pulmonology, Gynecology or Urology, in the conduct of observational clinical trials and assessments of therapeutic efficacy for natural remedies.

For Fares products, four clinical trials on products have been conducted so far: treatment of ulcers and gastritis (Healthy stomach), hepatic disorders (Hepatofit1, Rumexcarbo), benign prostatic hypertrophy (prostate G80). There are still four ongoing clinical trials in academic centers such as Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest.

Phytotherapy courses: for four consecutive years, RAPP (Romanian Association of Phytotherapist Physicians) and MSSB (Medical Students Society in Bucharest) are organizing a course on phytotherapy within the Faculty of Medicine Carol Davila in Bucharest. The same course was held in Cluj-Napoca in the last two years. 
dr chirila

Thus, students receive basic concepts of phytotherapy in the absence of this subject in their curriculum. The lecturers are physicians who have expertise in phytotherapy or phytotherapy trainers.

Physicians who are interested in phytotherapy, can consult RAPP Scientific Bulletin, registered with the National Library, ISSN code. It contains articles about the works presented at the Congress of Phytotherapist Physicians, case reports, and other medical materials. In addition, the bulletin is distributed free of charge to physicians of different specialties.