Silueta perfectă 1 – purificare și drenaj (The Perfect Silhouette 1, detoxification for losing weight), tea bag -
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Silueta perfectă 1 – purificare și drenaj (The Perfect Silhouette 1, detoxification for losing weight), tea bag


Detoxification tea for losing weight. Herbal formula with a role in body detoxification. Contains senna leaves that support intestinal transit. Eliminates toxins from the body through its diuretic and laxative effects, helping to lose weight.
It does not cause weakness.
The tea has a good and refreshing taste. The pleasant aroma is given by elder flowers and the orange essential oil.
Natural tea, without flavors and synthetic dyes.
For maximum results, it is recommended to consume also Silueta Perfectă 2 tea that has the benefit of reducing appetite.

Action areas Weight control

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Detoxification tea for losing weight.
Product type: Food supplement

Net weight: 30 g

Storage: Store in a dry place, at room temperature

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Aloe vera | Ceai Verde | Hibiscus | Lucernă | Ortosifon | Portocal | Senna | Soc

senna leaves (Sennae folium), roselle flowers (Hibisci flos), green tea leaves (Theae folium), elder flowers (Sambuci flos), alfalfa seeds (Medicaginis semen), java tea  (Ortosiphonis herba), orange essential oil (Aurantii aetheroleum), extract of Aloe vera standardizaed in min. 18% aloin.

Administration Mode

2 cups a day, morning and evening, not associated with food, unsweetened.
Duration of treatment: 6-8 weeks. Treatment can be repeated after a one month break.
If the laxative effect is too intense, reduce the dose to 1 cup per day, or every two days, in the evening, depending on the person’s digestive tolerance.
Preparation: Pour 200 ml of boiling water over one sachet and leave it for 10 minutes.
Contraindications: children under 12 years, pregnancy, breastfeeding, diarrhea, dehydration. Not to be administered to the elderly for more than 10 consecutive days.
Side effects and interactions: No known side effects at the recommended doses.


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