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Renalex, U65, natural urinary support, solution


Supports the proper functioning of the urinary system.

Action areas Urinary

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RENALEX favors diuresis and has antispasmodic action on the urinary tract (and also in the renal colic, if given on time and at the right dose). It acts as an anti-inflammatory on the urinary tract, being especially indicated for the treatment of pains due to ureteral and renal stones.
The therapeutic effect of the product is due to the well-balanced mixture of the various components. In the case of reno-urinary problems, a decisive improvement is achieved which will eliminate the suffering. Increasing the flow of renal blood stimulates the kidney and leads to increased urinary excretion. This prevents urinary tract infections due to stasis and even eliminates the stasis. The excretion of protective colloids in the urine increases, which prevents the formation of kidney stones. Urinary tract inflammation is eliminated and urolithiasis problems usually improve shortly. Daily and regular administration of RENALEX reduces the frequency of renal colic and painful crises disappear. Often, through its antispasmodic action, it favors the elimination of stones.
Recommendations: ureteral stones, kidney stones and other reno-urinary diseases.
Product type: Food supplement

Net weight: 10 ml

Storage: Store in a dry place, at room temperature

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Per 100 grams of solution:

6.00 gr. α-pinene, 3.60 gr. β-pinene, 16.00 gr. camphene, 2.80 gr. 1.8-cineol, 9.50 gr. borneol, 4.50 gr. anethole, 4.2 gr. fencona, sunflower oil.

Administration Mode

Upon your doctor's advice or 3 - 5 drops on a piece of sugar or bread, 4 - 5 times a day, before the main meals. Up to 10 drops are recommended during crises, a dose that can be repeated, if necessary, after 20 minutes.

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