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Hemorsan, D95, natural antihemorrhoidal, suppository


Moisturizes the rectal mucosa allowing the release of nutrients and their transportation to inflamed hemorrhoidal veins. Thus, it helps to calm them, facilitating stool elimination and restoration of the affected areas in cases of hemorrhoids and anal fissures.

Arii de acțiune: Hemorrhoids

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Soothes inflamed hemorrhoidal veins.

Restores affected areas in case of hemorrhoids and anal fissures.

Eases stool elimination.

Product type: Medical device

Greutate netă: 10,8 g

Condiții de păstrare: Store in a dry place, at room temperature

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-solid glycerides

-calendula flowers extract (Calendulae flos)


-Hamamelis virginiana leaves extract

-black poplar buds extract (Populi gemma)

-propolis tincture

-horse chestnut seeds extract (Hippocastani semen)

-Peru balsam (Balsamum peruvianum)

-yarrow essential oil (Millefolii aetheroleum)

-clove essential oil (Caryophylli floris aetheroleum)

Mod Administrare

1 suppository per day, intrarectally, for 6-12 consecutive days.

Remove the suppository from the blister and insert it completely into the rectum.

It is recommended to administer the suppository after the local toilet.



- keep out of the sight and reach of children;

- do not use in children under 12 years;

- do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any of the components



The product is well tolerated.

In isolated cases, a slight local burning sensation, pain after administration and increased intestinal  motility may occur.

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