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Gălbenele, P121, tinctură


Internal use:

- choleretic-cholagogue (supports secretion and release of bile), helps to a proper functioning of the gallbladder

- favors onset of the menstrual cycle

- helps reduce menstrual discomfort and regulates the menstrual cycle

- helps maintain the hygiene and health of the oral mucosa.


External use:

- helps maintain the health and hygiene of the skin, supports the restoration of skin tissue

- helps reduce the number of potentially pathogenic microorganisms, in maintaining normal flora and vaginal hygiene

- helps reduce discomfort and care of nipples during breastfeeding.


Action areas Female genital | Skin

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Susține buna funcționare a vezici biliare. Beneficiu dat de principiile active extrase din florile de gălbenele.

Formulă cu conținut mare de plantă. Conține 40% plantă și o cantitate redusă de alcool.

Tip produs: Produs de uz extern

Net weight: 20 g

Storage: Store in a dry place, at room temperature


Water, ethyl alcohol 96% vol., calendula flowers (Calendulae flos) 40%.

33,5% vol. alcohol ± 1,5%


Administration Mode

Internally: Children over 2 years: 15-25 drops diluted in 150 ml water or tea, 2-3 times a day, before a meal. Adults: 30-40 drops diluted in 150 ml water or tea, 2-3 times a day, before a meal.

Duration of treatment is 1-3 months followed by a one month break.

Externally: apply vaginal washings, sitz baths or compresses. For external use, dilute 5 teaspoons of tincture into 300 ml of water. When applying locally, keep away from eyes and nasal mucosa. Do not use on broken skin. As the tincture contains ethyl alcohol, it dries the skin and it is necessary to apply calendula cream on teguments.

May contain sediments. Shake before use.

Recommended associations: for the proper functioning of the gallbladder this product can be associated with Hepatocol-D43/44 tea,Vezică biliară-D75 tea, Farebil-D48 solution, Vezică biliară lentă-D70 capsules. To maintain a healthy skin this product can be associated Curăţarea sângelui-P125/P126 tea, Cătină cu gălbenele şi sunătoare-F158 oil, Vitamina A naturală-F161, Farederm-P131 cream, or Gălbenele cu propolis-P117 cream. To maintain vaginal hygiene this product can be associated with Ginosept-G70/G83 tea and Ginosept-G93 cream.

Store tightly closed, away from light, in a dry place and at room temperature.


Recommended associations