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Distonoplant Forte, N171, capsule

  • Effective in times of mental tension, nervousness and anxiety
  • Helps maintain emotional stability
  • Adaptogen, improves the body’s resistance to stress
  • Helps in case of fatigue and stress-induced headaches
  • Helps maintain physical and mental abilities in case of weakness, exhaustion, fatigue and lack of concentration
  • Reduces exhaustion and irritability
  • Effective in sleep issues
  • Protects the cardiovascular system against stress and increased blood pressure.

Arii de acțiune: Calm and relaxation

PREZENTARE: 60 capsules
Pret: 53.12 lei
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Acest produs este acum mai ieftin deoarece face parte din categoria produselor care beneficiaza de un TVA de 9%.

  • Descriere
  • Ingrediente
  • Mod Administrare

·         in the evaluation of DISTONOPLANT FORTE a significant improvement of depressive/anxious conditions was achieved in 100% of cases and the remission of agitation and irritability states in 85% of cases

  • does not cause addiction
  • does not affect driving

·         does not cause drowsiness during the day 

  • safe for long-term administration

-          woodruff (Asperulae herba) 114 mg

-          dry extract of Rhodiola rosea standardized in min.3% rosavina and salidroside 76 mg

-          dry extract of ashwagandha (Withaniae somniferae radix) root standardized in 5% withanaloid 76 mg

-          Convolvulus prostratus 57 mg

-          Passiflora (Passiflorae herba) 49,4 mg

-          essential oil of lemon verbena (Lippiae citriodorae aetheroleum) 3,8 mg

-          essential oil of bitter orange leaves (Aurantii amari folii aetheroleum) 3,8 mg

The capsule shell is based on animal gelatin.

Mod Administrare

1 capsule 2 times a day.

If a stronger effect is needed, it can be administered up to 4 capsules a day, for 2 weeks, upon recommendation of your doctor or pharmacist.


Duration of treatment: 3 – 6 months. Treatment can be repeated after a one month break.



Not recommended for children under 6 years (effects on young children are insufficiently studied) and in case of hipersensitivity to any of the product’s ingredients.


PREGNANCY AND BREASTFEEDING:  Not recommended for pregnant women due to possible effects of stimulating uterine contractions. Not recommended for breastfeeding mothers due to the fact that the active substances pass into breast milk and may change its taste.


SIDE EFFECTS AND INTERACTIONSNo side effects were reported at the recommended doses.

Administered together with sedatives and barbiturates, it can potentiate their effect.

May reduce the effects of certain immunosuppressive drugs (glucocorticoids, azathioprine, tacrolimus).

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