Curățarea colonului, D83, ceai la plic –
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Curățarea colonului, D83, ceai la plic

  • It has a detoxifying role. Helps remove toxins from the colon by accelerating intestinal transit mainly due to senna leaves, elder fruits and marsh mallow.
  • It has an antioxidant action, due to its green tea content.
  • Favors the removal of intestinal gas due to its coriander fruits and cardamom content.
  • Indicated also for a healthy skin. A treatment with this tea helps improving skin complexion, becoming cleaner and brighter.



Action areas Constipation | Detoxification

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  • Description
  • Ingredients
  • Administration Mode

In this combination senna leaves favor the intestinal transit.

Rhubarb rhizomes supports a normal bowel motility and bowel function.

Product type: Food supplement

Net weight: 30 g

Storage: Store in a dry place, at room temperature

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Cardamon | Ceai Verde | Coriandru | Nalbă mare | Revent | Senna | Soc | Volbura

Senna leaves (Sennae folium) 30%, field bindweed (Convolvuli herba) 15%, green tea leaves (Theae folium), elder fruits (Sambuci fructus), marsh mallow root (Althaeae radix), cardamom fruits (Cardamomi fructus), coriander fruits (Coriandri fructus), rhubarb rhizomes (Rhei rhizoma) 5%.

Administration Mode

Drink 2 cups of tea per day, in the morning and evening.

Duration of treatment is 4 – 6 weeks.

Treatment can be repeated after a one month break.

Preparation: Pour 200 ml of boiling water over one sachet and leave it covered for 10 - 15 minutes.

Warnings This tea is not recommended in case of enterocolitis, intestinal obstructions, for children under 12 years old and in case of hypersensitivity to any of the product’s ingredients.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding: This tea is not recommended for pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers.

Side effects and interactionsNo side effects or incompatibilities with drugs were reported at the recommended doses.


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