Biosept cu miere și propolis, A13, sirop –
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Biosept cu miere și propolis, A13, sirop

  • Natural syrup against respiratory viruses. Unique sinergistic combination of 9 herbs and 4 essential oils (ginger increases the efficiency of echinacea by 66%). Natural innovative formula
  • Rapid results without adverse reactions.  Rapidly improved respiratory discomfort with clinically confirmed efficacy. Well tolerated product. It does not require the association with allopathic antibiotics.
  • Syrup dedicated also for small children. The herbs used in the preparation of the syrup are compatible with the children’s tiny body. Contains honey in a proportion of minimum 64%.

Areas of action: Antiviral | Respiratory | Sore throat | Temperature

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Sirop natural împotriva virusurilor respiratorii. Combinație sinergică unică de 9 plante și 4 uleiuri esențiale.  (ghimbirul crește eficiența echinaceei cu 66%). Formulă inovatoare naturală.

Rezultate rapide fără reacții adverse. Disconfort respirator ameliorat rapid cu eficiența confirmată clinic. Produs bine tolerat. Nu necesită asocierea de antibiotice alopate.

Sirop destinat și pentru cei mici. Plantele medicinale folosite la prepararea siropului sunt compatibile cu organismul celor mici. Conține miere de albine în proporție de min. 64%.


Tip produs: Supliment alimentar

Greutate netă: 100 ml

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Cuişoare | Echinacea | Geraniu | Ghimbir | Lemon | Lichen de piatră | Măslin | Melissa | Scorțișoară | Şovârv | Astragalus | Cimbrişor

Honey min. 64%, extracts of: echinacea (Echinaceae herba), oregano (Origani herba), breckland thyme (Serpylli herba), iceland moss (Lichen Islandicus), ginger rhizomes (Zingiberis rhizoma), cinnamon (Cinnamomi cortex), olive leaves (Oleae folium), clove (Caryophylli flos), Astragalus membranaceus dry extract- min. 35%, in variable proportions; propolis hydroglyceric extract 1,2%; antioxidant: C vitamin 1%; essential oils of: lemon (Citri aetheroleum), rose geranium (Pelargoni etheroleum), cinnamon (Cinnamomi aetheroleum), lemon balm (Melissae aetheroleum) - min. 0,045%, in variable proportions; preservative: potassium sorbate. The place of origin of the olive leaves is different than the country of origin of the foodstuff.

Mod administrare
Children 1-4 years: 1-3 teaspoons daily, 30 minutes before a meal. Children 5-12 years: 4-5 teaspoons daily, 30 minutes before a meal. Children over 12 years and adults: 3 tablespoons daily, 30 minutes before a meal. Duration of a regular treatment is 7-14 days.
The recommended doses provide the daily requirement of vitamin C.
Shake before use.
Contraindications: not recommended in case of diabetes and in case of hypersensitivity to any of the product’s ingredients.

Pregnancy and breastfeedingIt can be used by pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

Side effects and interactions: not recommended in case of diabetes and in case of hypersensitivity to any of the product’s ingredients.      

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