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Bebe Plantusin, R58, sirop pentru sugari de la 3+ luni și copii mici

  • For infants, from the age of 3 months
  • Efficient in dry, spastic or productive cough
  • pleasant taste, exclusively given by the natural ingredients
  • naturally sweetened with fructose
  • does not contain synthetic flavors or other additives
  • with dosing syringe.
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  • Descriere
  • Ingrediente
  • Mod Administrare
  • Gentle and safe effect given by 100% natural active ingredients
  • Fluidifies bronchial secretions, it is expectorant, demulcent (emollient, balsamic) and calming for the respiratory tract.

fructose syrup 79%; extracts of: pine buds (Pini turiones), plantain leaves (Plantaginis folium), breckland thyme (Serpylli herba), linden flowers (Tiliae flos), black locust flowers (Robiniae pseudoacaciae flos), marsh mallow root (Althaeae radix), wild pansy (Violae tricoloris herba), blue eryngo (Eryngii plani herba), great valley gumplant (Grindeliae herba), Iceland moss (Cetraria Islandica) – min. 20%, in variable proportions; antioxidant: C vitamin.

Mod Administrare

Babies and infants 3 months - 3 years: 0,5 ml/kg body weight 3 times a day, 30 minutes before meals, as shown in the table below.

Weight Age Dosage/Administration
6 – 8 kg 3 – 6 months 3 – 4 ml
9 – 10 kg 7 – 12 months 4,5 – 5 ml
11 – 15 kg 1 – 3 years 5 – 7,5 ml


Duration of a regular treatment is 5-15 days.

Shake before use.

Once opened, store in a cool place.


Not recommended in case of hereditary fructose intolerance, a rare genetic disease.

In extremely rare cases, allergic reactions to fructose may occur (only one case reported on the official European website dedicated to reporting adverse reactions in children aged 2 months to 2 years).

Not recommended in case of diabetes and hypersensitivity to any of the product ingredients.


No side effects or interactions with drugs were reported at the recommended doses.