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Involvement in Phytotherapy

We strongly believe in the healing power of plants and we are convinced that phytotherapy must be practiced on a rigorous scientific basis by specialists. Therefore, we have played an active role in the foundation of  the “Romanian Association of Phytotherapist Doctors” in 2009, as well as in supporting its activity.

The association aims to promote the status of phytotherapeutic medicine in the context of medical practice in Romania, and to supporte scientific discoveries for therapeutic use of herbal medicinal products. To achieve these goals, RAPD conducts studies on the effectiveness of herbal products and organizes symposia, conferences and congresses to raise awareness of the herbs properties on health.

Since 2012 we have been members of the ESCOP Scientific Committee – European Scientific Cooperative on Phytotherapy – European association which aims to promote the scientific status of herbal products by creating European monographs harmonized for medicinal herbs.

The ESCOP Scientific Committee also includes specialists in the field from Belgium, France, Austria, Germany, England, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, Portugal, Hungary, Turkey, Fares being the only entity in Romania that is part of this committee.

We hold the Presidency of the National Inter-Professional Organization of Associations in the Field of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants which aims to create an organized framework through which members exchange experience, correlate their efforts to increase the quality of the medicinal and aromatic plant products and maintain a permanent dialogue with Ministries and the Government organizations, to create a correct legislative framework.

Also, because the quality and safety of herbs is essential when it comes to phytotherapy, Fares is a member of THIE – Tea & Herbal Infusions Europe – European Association which includes organizations and companies producing teas and infusions from most European countries. Together they correlate their efforts to increase the quality and safety of herbal and aromatic infusions.

Each project means a step forward in passing on the benefits of medicinal herbs, in understanding their gentle but effective effect.

The Congress of Phytotherapists in Romania has reached its ninth editions and brings together more and more doctors every year. If at the first events the number of doctors slightly exceeded 100, now it has reached over 250 participants with interest and openness toward phytotherapy.

In addition, every year there are doctors and academics of different specialties who address the cases specific to their background with herbal products (gastroenterology, pediatrics, infectious diseases, gynecology, dermatology, urology, neuropsychiatry, O.R.L.); participate in the congress to share the results obtained but also to learn more information about the natural phytotherapeutic treatment.

Benefiting from the accumulated information in the medical congresses and conducted studies, at Fares we succeeded in creating products with proven benefits in several diseases:

–       Liver pathology or hepatic steatosis: Rumex carbo and Hepatofit 1

–       Treatment of viral infections: Biosept range products

–      Treatment of bacterial infections: Biomicin Forte

-Non-suppurative acute otitis media in children: Biomicin

–       Urinary infections, urinary microlithiasis: Biomicin Urinar, Diurosept, Renalex

–       Acute respiratory tract infections in infants and young children: Bebe Biosept syrup

–       Baby Colic: Baby calm solution

-Treatment of cough of various etiologies, both sputum and dry, irritative cough: Plantusin syrup, Plantusin calmant

–       Treatment of prostate benign hypertrophy: Prostate G80

-Neurovegetative disorders syndrome: Distonoplant capsules and tea

-Inflammations and vaginal infections: Ginosept (vaginal suppositories) – medical device

-Hemorrhoids and anal fissures: Hemorsan suppositories – medical device

Spring school has been taking place for nine years in the first half of May at Orastie, and brings together doctors who use phytotherapy in their current cabinet practice. The topics refers to the phytotherapeutic treatment in various diseases and the event also includes field visits for the study of medicinal herbs.

The Phytotherapy workshops bring together doctors of different specialties  (family medicine, pneumology, gynecology, urology, internal medicine) who have expertise in phytotherapy. They present the experience they have gained, make case presentations, managing a review of  novelties in the field.

The Round tables are regularly held in cities like Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara, Constanta, Sibiu, Brasov, Ploiesti, Iasi, Bacau. These round tables are attended by doctors who support phytoproducts and who wish to learn more about therapeutic associations in various diseases.

Studies and reviews: as we want to promote science-based phytotherapy, we support the involvement of doctors of various specialties, from family medicine, pediatrics, gastroenterology, infectious diseases, pneumology, gynecology or urology, in conducting observational clinical trials and evaluations of therapeutic efficiency.

For Fares products five clinical trials on products have been conducted so far for: treatment of ulcers and gastritis (Healthy stomach), hepatic disorders (Hepatofit1, Hepatofit esential), benign prostatic hypertrophy (Prostate G80), elimination of Helicobacter pylori infection (Helicostop). There is one clinical trial still ongoing in the university center Bucharest.


Doctors who are interested in phytotherapy, can consult RAPP Scientific Bulletin, registered with the National Library, ISSN code. It contains articles about the papers presented at the Congress of Phytotherapist Physicians, case reports, and other medical materials. In addition, the bulletin is distributed free of charge to doctors of different specialties.