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About us

Since 1929, Fares has been providing Romanians with quality herbal remedies from the place with the longest history in growing and processing medicinal herbs, Orastie.


In 1929, that is more than eight decades ago, a beautiful journey has started into the world of herbs, bringing together traditions and innovation to obtain teas and remedies from medicinal herbs, which gained the confidence of Romanians everywhere. This journey has started at the foot of Sarmizegetusa, in the heart of Dacia, in the same places rich in tradition, where life flourishes every year offering us the best ingredients for health: in Orastie.

Andrei Farago and the First Romanian Company for cultivating medicinal herbs

In fact, Dacian traditions have taken shape even earlier, at Orastie, with the set-up of the first pharmacy “La Leul de Aur”, recorded in 1697.

Two centuries later, as the leader of the pharmacy we find  Andrei Farago, a visionary pharmacist, an outstanding figure in the scientific world of the interwar period. His passion for medicinal herbs but also for things well and correctly done, led to the idea of transposing the folk wisdom into science, by founding in 1929, the company “Digitalis, the first Romanian company for the cultivation of medicinal herbs Orastie”, which is named today Fares.

From medicinal herbs to natural remedies

Under the guidance of the pharmacist Farago, medicinal herbs came to life in the form of teas, syrups and essential oils in a very rigorous manner, with dryers, chopping and sorting machines. It is no wonder that the first line for extracting essential oils in Romania was used here.

Recognition at home and across borders

During the interwar period, success has gone beyond the country’s borders. Peppermint essential oil, produced by the company of the pharmacist Farago, was appreciated as being at the level of those prepared in Germany or the UK and the Digitalis extract was declared as Romanian National Standard. Doctors and pharmacists have appreciated over time the results of pharmacist Farago’s work, the trade relations spreading throughout Europe and even in North America. The scientific work has not gone unnoticed either, being recognized in the circles of experts around the world.

As good things never go unnoticed, as a sign of appreciation for the outstanding merits of his company, Andrei Farago receives, in 1934, the royal distinction “Commercial and Industrial Merit Class I”.

Last but not least, good and natural products are also appreciated in the business world: in 2014, Fares was ranked 13 in the Top 100 of the most loved and popular Romanian brands, as well as the only brand of teas present in the top. All this means that it is worth taking further this tradition together.

Birth of a successful name: Fares

During the communist period, the company was forcibly included in the state structure called “Plafar”. Even in these times, around 70% of its turnover was achieved by the Orastie “branch”.

Immediately after the fall of communism, the work of the pharmacist Farago separated from the imposed form of organization and became a private company with 100% Romanian capital “Fares” – the number one in the market of teas and herbal remedies.

We believe that nothing is accidental, and the fact that we have been continuously operating in exactly the same place where the company was founded and cultivating medicinal herbs near Sarmizegetusa is a mark of the continuity and Romanian identity.