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About herbs quality

The Fares story starts from the time of Dacian ancestors, who knew many wonders about herbs, health and life. It revived in 1929, at the foot of Sarmizegetusa, in the hands of the visionary pharmacist Farago, who has dedicated his life to medicinal herbs. Currently, good things are created in exactly the same place where Andrei Farago started on this journey, and the herbs are grown on tens of hectares laying outside Orastie, in the fresh air.

The quality of the Fares products is the priority of each member of the Fares team. Like any precious thing, quality is achieved only with perseverance and by complying with the principles that brought us the trust of our customers.

The quality of Fares products means first of all the quality of the herbs we use.1

Therefore, we have our own crops, to which we pay attention and care, and harvest herbs at the best time when they have the highest content of active substances. For herbs from the wild flora, meaning those growing freely in the natural world, we have collectors that we train and evaluate periodically. For herbs that cannot grow in the Romanian climate, we ensure that we get them from approved suppliers delivered with quality documents.

Regardless of the source from which the medicinal herbs come, they do not enter the central warehouse if they do not pass the “admission” tests, i.e. quality analyzes.  A minimum of 10 analyzes are made for each lot of plants.

In total, we use over 200 species of herbs for our teas and remedies, of which we annually receive about 800 lots from our own crops and from more than 150 approved suppliers.

This means that, in order to guarantee the quality and safety of the remedies we offer you, we perform over 8.000 analyzes a year just to admit them into the storage space.

The manufacturing process is very rigorous.

Once knowing that the herbs have developed in the best conditions, it is important to have a fair and rigorous manufacturing process. As interesting it is, as strict is the process by which the plants end up in the form of teas or various remedies in your home.

After the plants have passed the acceptance examination, they are dried according to a personalized program, perfected by us in almost 90 years of working with plants.

The storage is then carried out in a space with monitored temperature and humidity. The herbs are packed, labeled and arranged in lots and places of origin.

Until they are in the form of a pack of tea, a bottle of syrup or a bottle of capsules, they must pass four more checkpoints.

For example, for a tea, at least 6 tests are done, which add up to about 24 hours. Each lot of “simple” tea (made up of a single herb) goes through this number of analyzes. We make per year over 1.000 lots of single teas. That is over 6.000 analyzes.

Analyzes for a complex phytotherapeutic product (be it tea, syrup, capsule or other form) can take up to 48 hours for each lot.

Our portfolio has a total of over 350 products.

Of all these, we manufacture more than 8.000 lots per year, so we carry out more than 50.000 analyzes.

We do all this day by day, naturally, because we learned that good things have been done like this since 1929 – out of respect for the work of our ancestors, for the inherited values and out of respect for you, the ones who use Fares products every day.

Quality System Certifications

Our rigorous way of working, with eight control points on the flow is certified both in terms of safety and quality management, as follows:

– ISO 22000: 2018 (HACCP) for the Food safety management system

-ISO 9001: 2015 for the Quality management system

Member of the European THIE Association

Fares is a member of THIE  – Tea & Herbal Infusions Europe – European Association which includes organizations and companies producing teas and infusions from most European countries. Together they correlate their efforts to increase the quality and safety of infusions of medicinal and aromatic plants.