Mission, Vision, Values


All of our products reveal the daily labour of people working together believing in the same things:


We are at the foot of Sarmizegetusa, Dacia’s heart. We keep the secular tradition of using medicinal plants on these lands. We continue Andrei Farago’s work, the phytotherapy pioneer in Romania, for over 90 years, and discover new ways to use plants for serving human health.


For this long claimed word we let facts speak for themselves:

– Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008, certified TUV Rheinland Romania, certificate no. 01 100 133 1899

– HACCP food safety system implemented on the entire flow production, storage and marketing of food products

– The quality and safety system of the tea production flow according to the IFS (International Food Standard) by TUV Rheinland Romania, certificate no. 01 181 00222



Precisely because we are honest, we say it clear: we care about our business. But we care to the extent that it helps people. We will never lie about the ingredients we use and about what our products can do for them. And honest to our status of 100% Romanian company, we will never forget to pay our taxes in time. 3 medalia meritul comercial


We seek solutions that people need. First we talk to people and understand them, then we create products. Therefore, we continuously innovate and continuously improve by listening carefully.


We grow health for people. With the treasure of medicinal plants from the heart of Dacia, by the tradition of using them and to preserve the human values ​​of these places.


We are characterized by the care for our customers and the passion with which we operate.

Every day, we offer people effective and healthy remedies made of medicinal plants. We can do this since, over the years, we have learned from tradition and we have discovered by science. We want to do this because humanity does not forget its ancestral and beneficial connection with plants.

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