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Since 1929, Fares has been providing Romanians with quality herbal remedies from the place with the vastest history in growing and processing medicinal plants, Orastie.


In 1929, that is now more than eight decades ago, has begun a beautiful journey that brought together tradition and innovation. Its mission was to produce quality teas and herbal remedies, gaining the confidence of Romanians everywhere. Andrei Farago and the first company for cultivating […]

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All of our products reveal the daily labour of people working together believing in the same things: Authenticity: We are at the foot of Sarmizegetusa, Dacia’s heart. We keep the secular tradition of using medicinal plants on these lands. We continue Andrei Farago’s work, the […]

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Fares story starts from the time of Dacian ancestors, who knew many wonders about plants, health and life. It revived in 1929, at the foot of Sarmizegetusa, in the hands of the visionary pharmacist Farago, who has dedicated his life to medicinal plants. Currently, good […]

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We strongly believe in the healing power of plants and we are convinced that phytotherapy must be practiced on scientifically rigorous bases by specialists. Therefore, we have played an active role in the foundation of “Romanian Association of Phytotherapist Physicians” in 2009, and in supporting […]

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We like things both traditional and modern. One of the first says that “A good farmer makes a good farm.” On the other hand, a large modern motivational author, Dale Carnegie, said that in order to be a good leader you must help people to […]

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