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About plant quality

Fares story starts from the time of Dacian ancestors, who knew many wonders about plants, health and life. It revived in 1929, at the foot of Sarmizegetusa, in the hands of the visionary pharmacist Farago, who has dedicated his life to medicinal plants. Currently, good things are created in exactly the same place where Andrei Farago started on this journey, on tens of hectares laying outside the city, in the fresh air.

Fares products quality is the priority of each member of the Fares team, but, like anything precious, quality can only be achieved with perseverance and by complying with the principles that brought us the trust of our customers.

The quality of Fares products primarily means the quality of the herbs we use.1

The place of origin of the herb is the first thing we consider. Therefore, we grow our own cultures, from unpolluted earth, carefully grown and harvested in the best period. For herbs that cannot grow in the Romanian climate, we ensure that we get them from the best and reliable sources, checked over years.

Once knowing that the herbs have developed in the best conditions, it is important to have a fair and rigorous manufacturing process. We begin by picking the herb exactly at the right time to maintain its properties. Then, we choose only the correct side of the herb, because we know that with some herbs we use only flowers, from some the leaves, or the fruits. Finally, we dry them safely in a controlled environment, so we can use the entire useful essences.

As proof of the rigor and product safety, we have the necessary quality certifications:

– ISO Quality Management Certification: ISO 9001:2008

– Food safety and quality system certified according to IFS standard (International Food Standard) by TUV Rheinland Romania.

We like to have control of the entire process from plant breeding and until they reach our customers. Thus, we have our own warehouses in optimal temperature and humidity conditions, mills for shredding plants, homogenizers ensuring uniformity of the product, tea, capsules and tablets packing machines, a research laboratory where products are developed and investigated, and a quality control laboratory. Never does the feedstock pass from one stage to another until manufacturing analysis by Quality Control is performed with a positive result.

Our ongoing focus on quality led to the creation of products with efficient formulas, managed by our team of physicians, pharmacists, biologists and chemists.

To ensure efficiency, for the last 5 years we have been running an extensive program of clinical studies and assessments of therapeutic efficacy for our natural remedies created by the research team. The program is conducted in academic centers and cities throughout the country with physicians of different specialties, monitoring patients taking the herbal treatment.

So it is that, while respecting tradition and guided by passion, Fares is today the market leader in teas and herbal remedies in Romania.